Oh! Yummy Burger to Go

How to create your special burger?


Above all, you are lucky that no one play the same order with you, or you are the first one in the line!


If you are the first one finish all your order in your hand, you are the WINNER!


P.S. There are only 4 different ways to change the taste of burger. It’s very easy for children!


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In your town is a very famous burger restaurant where many people go for its delicious burgers. In the diner, they have not only a variety of flavors, but also customized burgers for those who want to make their own. Because the burger restaurant is so famous, a huge line of people is always in front of the diner. If you want to get your burger as quickly as possible, you'd better line up early as it's the only way you can share the flavor of this burger with your family and friends. In Oh! Yummy Burger to Go!, one of the players will make a burger first, then all players play a card from their hands. According to the cards, some players are able to discard the card. When someone runs out the hand, that player wins the game automatically.